Disneyland – Top 12 Travel Tips – 10 Wasn’t Enough)

With all of the times I’ve been to Disneyland, I’ve picked up a few pointers. It’s one of my favorite places, filled with magic, fun, and wonder… if you do it right! Here are my Top 12 Travel Tips when visiting the Disneyland Resort in sunny southern California.
The best advice I can give is to get a multi-day Park Hopper pass. With two theme parks, there is so much to see and do. Even in non-peak season (when the parks are less crowded), I would always at least get a 3-day or longer Park Hopper pass. If you have the time, a 4 or 5 day would be even better. This allows you to see all of the attractions, shows, parades and other events at your own pace. You won’t feel rushed, and you’ll be able to experience your favorites a couple of times.

Take advantage of the FASTPASS. This is easily one of Disney’s better inventions. With the FASTPASS, you receive a ticket (like a place in line) to all of the biggest, funnest attractions. All you do is insert your theme park ticket into a FASTPASS booth, and out pops an additional ticket with a return time to your favorite ride. Keep in mind, you may only have one active FASTPASS at a time, so use them wisely. With the FASTPASS, every guest feels like a VIP.

Buy your tickets before you go on vacation, because you’ll have access to specials not available at the gate. For example, Get Away Today Vacations offers a Bonus ticket that includes an exclusive 2 early entries to Disneyland and is $20 less than the price you’d pay at the park with no early entries!

If you want to avoid crowds, there are many times to choose from. Generally as a rule, some of the least crowded times to go are any time school is in session, like between Presidents Day and Memorial Day, but avoiding Spring/Easter Break. If you want to go during the holidays, which is an incredibly popular time to visit, one to two weeks before Thanksgiving is a good bet and early December through one to two weeks before Christmas, and the week after New Year’s through are excellent times to visit. If you can’t avoid the peak season time, weekdays are normally less crowded than weekends throughout the year . Plus, with California’s temperate climate, anytime you go, you’ll normally find pleasant, mild weather.

If you are traveling during the off season, make sure that at least one of your days includes a weekend. Remember…Dreams Come True, the fireworks spectacular, only takes place on weekends during slower times of the year, and it is worth sticking around for! During busier times, the show takes place every night.

The best seats in the house for Remember…Dreams Come True are right in front of the castle. You may want to grab dinner an hour or two before it is scheduled to start and grab a spot in front of the castle for a picnic. You’ll have a little bit of a wait, but it’s worth it!

If you want to watch the Parade of Dreams, but don’t want to spend a lot of time sitting, try catching it on a weekend during the first parade. Instead of going to Main Street where you’ll be waiting a long time for the parade, stay by “it’s a small world” or in front of the Matterhorn. The parade starts near “it’s a small world” so you’ll see everything right as it comes out, or along its path. You’ll have more time to play (and shorter lines) while others are watching and waiting on Main Street.

For a quick, free snack, visit The Bakery Tour and the Mission Tortilla Factory in California Adventure. You’ll not only learn how sourdough bread and tortillas are made, you’ll learn how great they taste fresh!

For some real character interaction, make a reservation for a character meal. If you have girls, Ariel’s Princess Celebration at Ariel’s Grotto is a must. There are three other character dining locations: Chip ‘n’ Dale Critter breakfast at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Lilo & Stitch Aloha Breakfast at Disney’s Paradise Pier, and Goofy’s Kitchen is open for breakfast or dinner at the Disneyland Hotel. You do not have to be a guest at one of these hotels to enjoy the magic of these interactive experiences. Just make sure to call in advance. Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance by calling 714-781-DINE (3463).

During the Year of a Million Dreams, Disneyland is offering many immersive expriences where guests can become honorary pirates, princesses, and jedi knights! These interactive experiences are offered only at certain times of the day. To find out all scheduled times for interactive experiences, you can reference the map you get when entering the park, or check online at Disneyland.com before you go.

For magic from beginning to end of your Disney vacation, stay at one of the hotels of the Disneyland Resort. Each of the three hotels has its own personality and is Disney through and through. Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel has a Disney beach theme with a boardwalk pool. Out of the three hotels, this property has the largest standard room size and has the lowest prices. Guests here have access to a private entrance to Disney’s California Adventure at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. The Disneyland Hotel is the most classic Disney and has a Peter Pan Neverland themed pool. Guests who stay here can take the monorail inside Downtown Disney straight into Tomorrow Land, or can use Disney’s Grand Californian’s private entrance. Disney’s Grand Californian and Spa is the most deluxe of the three properties and is the only hotel that is located inside a theme park! It boasts a gorgeous lobby, a selection of guestrooms with bunk beds, and three amazing swimming pools.

Most importantly, ENJOY! Your kids won’t know if you’ve been on every attraction, so don’t rush yourself and miss the moment. These are the memories that will last a lifetime.

Are You Buying a Property Management Software? Why Not an Online Property Management Software?

If you are managing property then you might have faced different problems. It might be problem in record keeping, problem in calculation, problem in account management, problem in generating reports, or problem in making decision. All the above mentioned problems results in improper property management. When you will be busy in avoiding these problems you will not be able to look after your assets.In order to overcome all these problems if you have decided to purchase a software then you have two options available. One option is to purchase a property management software and other is to purchase an online property management software.The major difference between the two is that online property management software is capable of using the power of internet while property management software is not.With the advancements in the technology developers has developed a wonderful tool called online rental management software which is capable of improving the overall efficiency of the management process. Software reduces the time required in the process, increases the accuracy, saves the effort and maximizes the profit.It can be defined as a web based system that allows the manager to manage and maintain their properties. It replaces the traditional paper-based method and desktop applications which were inefficient to manage properties.There are varieties of online property systems available in the market, which makes it a difficult task to choose an online real estate software which meets all the requirements. Below mentioned are some useful guidelines which will help you in choosing a suitable web based real estate software.Why do you need an online property management system?Answering this question will help you in collecting all your requirements. Then you have to prioritize all the requirements. After prioritization you can remove unimportant requirements from the list.For collecting requirements you follow the following methods:Find advantages and disadvantage of the existing system. The advantages and disadvantages of the existing software will form the basic requirements of the new system.For finding other critical requirements you can include the views of your team members. They are the user of existing system and know the system better than anyone else. They will be able to tell you the requirements of the existing system.How much money you are going to spend on an online property management software?This question helps in fixing budget limits to be spent on purchasing an online system. The upper budget limit automatically rejects the options which are unaffordable to you. You can focus on software which are within your reach. By comparing the features provided by different online real estate software you will be able to choose one which matches most of your requirements.

How to Deal With Life Insurance Claim Denial

Life insurance claim denial can be a terrible experience if you are a beneficiary trying to stake a claim for receiving a life insurance policy payout. Many beneficiaries assume that if and when the time is right, as long as the insured’s policy was in force, the claim will be paid in short order by the life insurer. This is, in fact, typically how it works, and strong and well-established life insurance companies will typically pay out claims in a very timely manner–within two weeks and often in just several days.But, you should never make the mistake of thinking that life insurance companies don’t do any kind of investigation before they pay out a claim. They aren’t going to just throw away their money in the event of something like insurance fraud. They need to see documentation of proof of the insured’s death, and that means that as a claimant you’ll need to present them with a copy of the death certificate and the insurance policy. Truth be told, if the deceased had a policy with a good life insurance company and you can present the proof of their death, the company will be able to look up the policy number in their databases and, as long as there is no reason to possibly deny the claim, they will probably pay you even if you’ve lost the policy. But once again, life insurance companies aren’t going to be taken in by hucksters; and let’s remember, their money is largely that of their clients, who have all agreed to pay premiums to pool resources against risk.So, why might a life insurance company deny your claim and refuse to pay you? Well, if you haven’t got the necessary documentation, they could tell you that they won’t pay you. You should try to have the policy (or policies). You will also need the copy of the death certificate and personal ID. Now, if the death of the insured happened in two years or less from the time the policy was issued, the death certificate you get from the funeral home, morgue, or hospital might not be enough to convince them. This is because virtually every life insurance policy has a two-year exclusion clause with regards to suicide–that is, if the insured committed suicide within two years after the policy was issued, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay the claim. The reason for this essentially universal life insurance industry practice is to prevent people who are planning on suicide and/or the potential beneficiaries who may be maliciously planning on that person’s suicidal tendencies for their own gain from basically ripping off the insurance company and the company’s clients. So, if a person dies within two years or less after they get their policy, the insurance company is probably going to scrutinize that death far more closely. Even if this does not result in a denied claim, it could very well delay the payout.But the most prominent reason why a life insurance company denies a claim is on grounds of “material misrepresentation”. It is state law that governs insurance practice, but in the great majority of states material misrepresentation clearly means that the insured answered a question on the insurance application which, if that question had been answered truthfully, should have resulted in the insurance company denying insurance coverage, either in the amount applied for or entirely.A material misrepresentation can either be a lie or a “sin of omission”. It might include falsified application information on:
* Use of tobacco
* How often and how much you typically drink alcohol
* Employment and/or employment history
* Income level
* Lifestyle
* Questions about personal health and/or medical historyIf you are applying for life insurance, just tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. You buy life insurance to protect those you care about. If you really care about them, think about them when you are applying and don’t jeopardize their chances of getting their claim paid in the future.

Small Business Loan Basics

The ever increasing competition demands more and more improvement in the present business setup in order to survive, let alone thrive. The Darvin’s theory of evolution talks about the survival of the fittest in the natural world. With increasing competition, it seems that he made this statement also for the business arena. To ensure that your business is the fittest and the best, you might need to pump in funds into the business at regular intervals. If you are out of funds, you can avail small business loans in order to invest upon your business.Why?Loans for small business offer complete solution to all funding related problems that hinder your business growth. You can think of various ways to improve upon your business and you will have the sufficient amount of money with you in order to implement all such changes.Make Your Business Go Better and BiggerYou can go for attractive loan deals offered by the companies and make your business profitable. Alternatively, you can also set up completely new business starting from the first building block using accounts receivable financing. If you wish to become a successful business person in quickly, avail loans for small business.More investment means more money. Reasons behind availing any small business loan can be many. Ensure that the loan you take does not borrow tension and troubles for you. Setting up a new business is a very difficult process. Ensure that you go for the best loan that frees you from all concerns about loans.Choices you HaveA secured loan is the type of loan that has been around for a long time. It is like borrowing money by providing something as a security to the bank. Since the secure nature of these loans, companies give you loads of benefits and offers.Another type of loan is an unsecured loan. The bank asks for nothing as security before extending the loan. Instead, the bank asks for slightly higher interest rates. Flexibility with such loans is the feature you will surely enjoy with such loans. Credit margins in such loans are often flexible and interest rates variable, depending on the market conditions. Prefer unsecured loans if you are thinking of short term capital gain by availing such a loan for short term. For long periods, these loans are nearly useless.With fluctuating interest rates, you can also think about paying off your previous high interest loans by availing another loan at lower rates. But going for such options is only advisable if you are saving huge amounts of money. For smaller differences, puling lot of strings at a time is not advisable.Read Documents CarefullyAlways ensure that you have gone through the offer documents carefully so that you can be aware of glitches in the offer, if any. Look out for hidden charges and overhead processing fees if any. You must take every step to ensure that the deal you are signing is the best. Ensure that the small business loan you are taking just brings you happiness and money and nothing else.

How to Get a Business Loan With No Money Down

Any small business owner would agree that getting a business loan with no money down can really help get the necessary funds need to successfully run the business. The money may be needed to acquire new inventory or tools and machinery needed for effective business operations.There are also others who want to start a new venture and may need a loan with no down payments to help the business get off the ground. If you fall in that group, instead of using your personal money to run the business, you can consider getting a loan, whilst you work the business to make profit. There are a lot of banks and other financial institutions that offer loans that do not need a down payment to business people. Use these 5 tips when applying for a business loan with no money down.1. Have a Detailed Business Plan.When it comes to getting a loan for a business, many lenders if not all, would like to see a detailed business plan before they even think about approving your loan application if you are applying with no money down. The best way to do it is to get a professional business plan writer to put down a detailed plan showing the goals of the business, how you plan to make profit in the business and how long it will take before you can begin making repayments.2. Your Personal Credit Score.An excellent credit score is required in order to obtain a business loan with no money down. One of the factors lenders use to determine whether you can pay back the business loan you are taking is your credit rating. If it is good, it simply conveys to the bank that your money management skills are good and that you would treat money that comes into the business with the same attitude you show towards your personal money.So if you have not done so already, get your credit report and score. Do what you need to do raise your credit score, if it is bad. Pay your creditors, pay off your debts and pay your bills on time to raise your credit score with six to twelve months.3. Consider Using a Collateral.With a no money down business loan, some lenders would ask you to provide an asset as a collateral. This is simply to give them some assurance that you can pay back their money. And that if you default, they would not lose their money. These could be a car title or other items like jewelry, if you do not have a house to use as collateral. With a collateral the bank will consider your application for a no-money-down business loan.4. Have a Co-Signer.If your credit score is not good, having a co-signer with a good credit score will increase your chances of getting a business loan with no-money-down approved. The bank will use the excellent credit rating of the co-signer and give you the loan.5. Interest Rates Comparison.The fact that you are making no down payment for the business loan does not mean that you should get your loan at a exorbitant interest-rates. So do comparison shopping using loan comparison websites. Compare interest rates of various lenders you intend to borrow money from. Requesting a no-obligation quote from lenders would be the best way of doing a simple comparison to get the best rates.

Grow Your Business Fast, Apply For Online Business Loans

Whether you want to expand your business or start with a brand new one, you need money in all cases. Internet money lenders are ready to offer you with online business loans having the best interest rates and with a pace you can never imagine with a traditional money lender. With online business loans, the lending agencies saw a method where they can ease the loan process significantly thus making the process simpler and faster for you. Now you do not have to stand in queues in banks and financial institutions to apply for a business loan.The online business loan is based entirely on the internet where you simply have to fill up an application form and give some details. With the application form, you are required to show some documents like your credit history, your business details, number of employees, fiscal year, and financial statement information, federal tax ID number etc. If you want to finance a new business, then you need to present a business plan. Here, you cannot afford to keep any secrets; you have to disclose every point. While on the other hand, if you have an established business, you may need to submit few documents such as copy of business tax returns, balance sheet, profit and loss statement and other financial statement. These statements will work as evidence that you are making profits or losses and whether the profits are large enough to cover the monthly payments. You also need to make a business profile giving description of the annual sales, length of time in business and ownership whether a business is in the form of proprietorship or partnership or a private limited company. Incase you have a bad credit history, do not be discouraged as online business loans offer you loan even if you have a bad credit.Apart from the general business information, you also need to show some of your personal information such as monthly housing payments, additional debts, and percent of business owned by you. The Online business loan providers ask for these information as there is a lot of risk involved as to whether the business will run or not.You need not worry about the disclosure of your personal information as all the proceedings in online business loans are secured and are done confidentially. Online business loans are available in both secured and unsecured forms. In a secured form, the collateral could be anything from a house or a car to your savings account. While if you opt for an unsecured loan, you do not need to put any collateral but you may have to pay a higher interest rate.There are several purposes where you can apply for business loan. Online business loans can provide fund for inventory, equipment, machinery, real estate, vehicles, research and development etc. You can also apply for this loan, if you want to improve facilities of your enterprise and conduct renovations, invest in major equipment, boost working capital or building up of inventory.An online business loan is thus a method of lending money for business purposes which caters to different kind of borrowers and provides them with a secure and convenient method of drawing loans.

Is Virtual Gambling Here To Stay?

Everything seems to be possible in the virtual world. You can take on a new personality, be anyone you want to be. If you’re bored with who you are just become someone else. The virtual world is amazing and the possibilities are endless.

Gambling for instance. There was a time when you had take a plane or jump in your car and drive for hours to a casino, find parking and maybe a hotel to experience the thrill. Now you can turn on your computer and play to your hearts content in your own home. The popularity of virtual gambling is growing by leaps and bounds and has become one of the favorite past times of people, regardless of and gender.

Gambling is not new; it has been around for close to two thousand years. Throughout history gambling has gone through many changes. Back in the beginning money was not always at stake, it could have been land or something as simple as who was picked to do a chore. “Virtual” What does it mean? It’s something that is almost real but at the same time is an illusion but with virtual gambling this is not really true. The players are real and the stakes are real, in this case virtual refers to the “Internet” or being online. Instead of visiting an actual brick and mortar casino you visit via your computer.

The Internet world of virtual gambling is booming, there are so many sites and casinos it will make your head spin if you try to visit them all. There are so many games available you could probably play a different game every day. All the traditional gambling games are available in virtual gambling. Blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, to name just a few.

As always, people are finding ways to improve over the old by providing new and innovative forms of gambling. Online gambling now includes, world cups, TV reality shows, and Saturday matches and weather. No matter what the theme someone is going to think of a way to bring it into the virtual world, as long as someone is willing to place a wager and put money on the line.

Since it is so hard to cheat online virtual gambling is actually considered one of the safest ways to gamble. Adding to the thrill is the mysteriousness of your opponent. You don’t know them; you can’t see them or the expressions on their face. In the virtual world there are sites where you can gamble for real money and there free sites where, like the old game monopoly you play with fake money. The only way to find out if virtual gambling is for you is to try it. If you haven’t tried this kind of gambling I’d advise you begin with one of the free sites. Get your feet wet; learn to walk before you run. If you make a few mistakes, so what, the money’s not real. Use it as a learning curve, when you think your ready then go to a pay as you play site.

Today people are staying late in front of their monitors instead of staying late at the casinos. Virtual gambling has brought gambling into the modern world. If you love to gamble it’s an easy, convenient way to satisfy your desire.

The Great Gambling Addiction

Won at a slot machine after spending some dollars. You think the machine is lucky for you and you buy some more tokens for gambling. You experience hard luck and you don’t win. Probably thinking of buying some more tokens, then some more, and at the end you lose even your winnings. Next day some more, then more and more, and this just seems an endless pattern.

Now you are addicted. Yes that’s right! The term addiction was previously used for the addiction to chemical substances like alcohol, nicotine or drugs. With new research on how our brain functions there’s been findings that state that many substances can be addictive even though they are not chemical in nature. One such addiction is the gambling addiction. It seems that addiction is resultant from the pleasure derived from abusing a substance but addiction can begin because of depression or some kind of emotional problem. The reasons are many and they are different and unique for every addict.

Gambling Addiction or pathological gambling is often referred to as a hidden illness. As there are no physical symptoms visible the American Psychological Association refers to gambling addiction as a mental health disorder as there is no impulse control over it. There are two types gambling addictions, one is action gambling and other is escape gambling. Action gambling is when a gambler is addicted to his thrills of taking risks. Action gamblers most of the time are busy playing with others to prove themselves a winner. Escape gambling is due to imbalance of a persons mind or when he is emotionally hurt. Such gamblers prefer playing alone. They are most of the time at the slot machine or playing black jack. They don’t like others playing with them or they don’t want anyone around them. It’s found that the teens are more than three times likely to be victims of a gambling problem as compared to adults. So it is necessary to make them aware about the dangers of a gambling problem at an early age itself.

There are phases of gambling addiction. At first comes the winning phase were gamblers often win a big amount or win a few times. This in turn prompts them to win more as they begin taking great pride in their winning ability. As a consequence, they may choose to increase the bet amount. Then comes the losing phase, when gamblers begin to lose all their money.

Don’t take anymore gambles in life. Get the help that you need today. Why not have a shot at a tried and test approach? Hypnotherapy might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of getting your gambling under control, however it is more than likily your best bet. You can even get Hypnosis downloads these days so you can get the results that you desearve in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Do something different today – get the results you need and deserve.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a part of any game wherein money is a medium of exchange and bets are laid on either of the teams. The person whose team wins gets a sum of money as the luring cash prize. Though the act of gambling is legal it requires a license. Any person may do gambling however if the host who is the source of laying bets does not have a license to run the same then he may be punished by the law. In many cases the gambling addiction starts from a small victory i.e. when a person gambles he may either win or may lose, now if a person wins there may be greed of winning again and the person may lay a bet once again and if the same person wins there is a possibility that the person may tend to bet again and again. Though after a few chances of luck and winning the person may even lose but since the person has won for many times there is a hope within the person that he may win again and in spite of losing again and again the person still continues to gamble.

Now if a person loses the amount at the very first chance there may be a small chance the person may lay a bet again just to win the money that was laid in during the gamble. Even if the person may lose every time there may be a possibility that the person may play until he sees victory. This is not just a day’s work, then on if the person is a winner there is a possibility that the person may get addicted to gambling and may start to gamble every day.

There have been instances where one has used all the resources in order to gamble, gold, money and at times even houses are lost in such addiction and by the time this is realized the person is already bankrupt. Many people have lost everything and still have the hope to win and this is when the real problem starts as one may also start to borrow or lend money and then gamble, at the end they lose all and also go into debt. It is very rare that one may win always in gambling and hence there is a very less chance of people winning.

The gambling addiction has ruined many people’s lives and families and hence to keep control of ones gambling habits or to even stop the same study has come up with a brilliant plan. There are compact discs available for purchase over the Internet and one may easily learn to keep this addiction in check. All one needs to do is download the compact discs and listen to it at their own convenience and perform all the actions that are seen or heard through the compact discs. These discs are very helpful for many people as they do not have to spend a lot and also they get ready and quit gambling. Hypnosis prepares you to be strong within and helps you combat your inner urge to gamble your money, wealth and happiness.

Social Media Marketing And SEO

The digital world is an increasingly crowded but mandatory field that businesses owners must play in. As a Tampa business in today’s world it is now not enough to just have a website and Tampa social media marketing strategy, you also must employ a comprehensive search engine optimization plan. For this reason, the smart option is to work with a company, like Webhead Interactive that does both.

Webhead social media strategies are designed in a way to complement their SEO work. This way each end of the marketing spectrum maximizes the work of the other. The result? More traffic to your site and more customers to your business. Tampa social media is a very crowded field. Most businesses are active on one or more of the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, even Pinterest and Instagram. For this reason it is important that your business not just be active in your Tampa social media marketing, but also be found through comprehensive SEO efforts.

Webhead Interactive, known as not only a top rated Tampa SEO company, but also the premier Tampa social media marketing agency, has the experience and expertise necessary to help businesses reach their market audience through a fully integrated and optimized social media management strategy. They work on multiple levels to be able to not only help your customers find you, but also interact with you through your social media channels. Since Webhead social media doesn’t just focus on one aspect of your digital marketing, but instead takes a 360 approach, they far surpass the impact of other social media companies in Tampa. Quicker, more powerful results and a proven track record of success.

As the leading full-service Tampa social media agency, Webhead Interactive will help you identify how your business and brand can benefit from an optimized social media presence. An example of some of the services they offer and might recommend include; custom Twitter, Google+ and YouTube backgrounds to help you promote your brand, Facebook timeline design and implementation to increase visitor click-through rates, Pinterest set-up and board strategy, content distribution and sharing strategy to maximize exposure and much more. They will also help you with your digital and social media promotional advertising strategy to further encourage engagement and fan development.

In order to make sure your Tampa business is found by the customers that are looking for you the best strategy is to maximize your online exposure by using both social media marketing and SEO as part of your communications strategy. By choosing a company like Webhead Interactive and Webhead social media, you know you are working with a team that understand and excels at both. The author has an immense knowledge on Tampa social media marketing. Know more about Webhead social media, Tampa social media marketing related info in his website.