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Email Marketing Tips – How Often Should I Email My List?

If you’re reading this you are probably looking for email marketing tips that will help you build a strong list of loyal prospects interested in whatever it is that you have to offer. In this article I am going to go over some of the most asked questions about email marketing and give you my 3 tips for connecting with your list more and making more sales.

Email marketing is such a powerful way to connect with people interested in whatever you have to offer because people check their email very frequently, have it on their smart phones, use it all day at work and so on. So how do you make sure that YOUR emails stand out from the rest and get them to take action? Read on for my answers to some frequently asked questions about email marketing.

What is the point of email marketing?

Some people try to just hit their visitors with a sales page the moment they arrive on their website, which will lose them a HUGE amount of sales. By building a list of people that are interested in what you have to offer you are growing a database of potential clients. This can be done by giving away a free report of newsletter helping your prospect solve the problem they were searching for a solution to.

For example, I recently searched for “best dogs for children” and came across a website that offered a free newsletter on choosing the right breed of dog for your situation. Now this company has my email address and is sending me free tips almost every day to help me solve my problem – finding the right dog for my family.

As I receive more emails from them with useful tips, our relationship grows stronger. I am more likely to buy something from them in the future because I TRUST them. They have proven to me that they know their subject well and have won me over as a loyal subscriber. THAT’S what you want to do with your email subscribers.

Give them something free, build the relationship and THEN recommend products. This way they are far more likely to buy from you AND buy multiple products as time goes on.

So what should I email my list?

I like to email my list tips and tricks that will help them in their business (as that is why they come to my website) so we have a 3 day video course that shows them how to solve their biggest problems – lack of money, lack of leads and lack of sales.

I suggest you take the time to brainstorm what it is that your target audience is looking for and put it into a free PDF titled “Top 3 Ways To [solve XYZ problem] FAST”. Now you just put it in to your first autoresponder message with a thank you for subscribing message and let it do it’s thing!

How often should I send out a broadcast to my list?

I was guilty of totally neglecting my list at first, because I was so focused on generating more and more leads to grow my list. I know that about 70% of those reading this are thinking “Eeek! That’s me too!” because they are not taking the time to connect with their current list, why? Well one reason is probably that they are scared of pushing a sale, or they don’t know what to say in their emails. Well, I was they same and I now have three words for you – GET OVER IT!

Seriously, the moment I started connecting with my email list frequently was the moment my sales went through the ROOF. And the great thing was, I didn’t even ‘pitch’ to them. I just simply sent great content that would help them each day and on each email gave them the chance to buy something that could help them further. That’s it!

So my answer to how often you should email your list may shock a lot of you, you may think “well she can do that because she’s got a big list” or some other excuse but listen carefully….I email my list DAILY without fail.

DAILY!? Don’t you get lots of unsubscribes? Not really. The way I look at it is what use is someone that is ‘subscribed’ to my list if I never send them anything to read/watch? By emailing daily I have seen a huge increase in my open rates, my click through rates AND my sales. If someone unsubscribes, they probably weren’t going to BUY anything if they didn’t even want my FREE tips.

Think about it, do you really want people on your list who are not excited to learn every single thing you have to offer them? Do you want them to forget who you are between your mailings? Or do you want to stand out, deliver excellent quality each day and build a list that is so STRONG that any time you recommend something you see a massive % of them buy?

Don’t be scared of unsubscribes – there are plenty of more leads out there for your business!